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Jenn, Founder of JennyLou


Born of a challenge from my fiancé, Paul, JennyLou is fueled by my creativity and my passion for helping others.

Race days, game days, birthdays, holidays, any day: I’ve collected custom items for special events, and I’ve held onto them as reminders of that one-of-a-kind day (as evidenced by my closet -- OK, let’s be real, it’s the closet, kitchen cabinets, book shelves, dresser, fireplace mantle -- full of fun mugs, tumblers, coasters, and more!).

JennyLou is the specially designed, hand-crafted touch on your unforgettable events and everyday moments.

Let me craft memories for you.

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My Story

JennyLou who? 
Hi there! I’m Jenn. I’m the designer and creator behind JennyLou. I’m grounded in my faith, which empowers me to be bold and take risks while also prioritizing fun and community. 
Even if we haven’t met, I care about you. Whether you’re clicking “order” on a set of ready-made coasters or inquiring about custom tumblers, your end-to-end experience flows through me -- I want your JennyLou experience to be as awesome as your special day. 


What’s in the name? 
Included. Important. Trusted. Playful. Loved. Accepted. Respected. 

That’s how I felt when my grandpa called me by my nickname, Jenny Lou. A no-nonsense, hardworking businessman with a dry, quirky sense of humor, my grandpa didn’t hand out nicknames to many people. Now, I don’t know precisely how he arrived at mine, but the feelings and memories tied to my nickname are the foundation of the JennyLou brand: uplifting, giving, playful, and unapologetically authentic. 

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